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What Is Uric Acid?

You may be wondering "what is uric acid"? Uric acid is a chemical compound that forms when the body goes through the process of breaking down purines. Purines are a substance that is found in the foods we eat, like meats, asparagus, fish, whole milk, etc.

A test can be performed in a medical facility to see if you have high levels of uric acid. By talking with a doctor, you can find out what specific tests will be used and when results can be obtained from the test. Individuals who have gout tests performed in a medical clinic can get a prescription from the doctor. A prescription from the doctor is considered a gout treatment because they typically prescribe drugs to relieve painful symptoms associated with gout. If you test positive for high uric acid, then you may be at risk of developing gout, or kidney disease. Gout is a type of arthritis that can develop from high uric acid levels, however uric acid is not the only contributor to gout.

Once gout has developed-pain, swelling, redness, sore joints and peeling skin can form.  Also, gout can promote negative health conditions like kidney disease, arthritis, cellular damage and a weakened immune system. For more information on gout- use the learn more about it link.

Using treatments for gout should be a last resort option since treatments contain ingredients that are classified as drugs. Drugs can become addicting because most people use them to relieve pain and may overuse the substance. An alternative to a treatment is a gout supplement that can be obtained without a prescription. Gout supplements can provide gout relief in a matter of hours.

Gout supplements can be found in local retail stores, but majority of these products are sold online. Typically, the best deals for gout supplements are offered online. Many manufacturers offer Buy 2, Get1 Free specials to help reduce the cost of the product.

Finding a cost-effective gout supplement that can relieve gout symptoms, works effectively towards future gout attacks, helps support the immune system and cellular damage {} are the best options on the market. Click the go to this site link to see a list of products that offer these benefits.