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What Causes Tear Stains

A well asked question among millions of dog owners is “what causes tear stains under dog’s eyes”? There are many reasons under eye stains form on your dog. Information in regards to the causes of eye stains can be found in this article. Please read the information below to learn more.

1. If a dog is affected by environmental factors like dirt or other irritants, the eyes will start to water to remove the foreign object from the eye area. This is intended to flush the eyes so that the harmful substances are dismissed. During this process the eyes may become irritated and cause continuous tearing. The excessive tearing the drains from the eyes and accumulates on the fur. It later can turn into bacteria, which causes a red or brown color to form. This is one cause of the formation of eye stains.

2. Another reason under eye stains can develop on a dog is because of the hair that grows near eyes. If hair becomes long enough to enter the eyes frequently, it will collect tears and cause bacteria to build up, thus making more under eye stains. You can help your dog prevent this by trimming away the excess hair near their eyes.  

3. Dog breeds with eyelids that are turned inwards can also collect tears on their facial hair and promote the formation of under eye stains. Breeds with these eyelids are often Shih Tzu, Maltese and Poodles. However, other dog breeds can have this genetic trait as well.

4.  If a dogs tear ducts become clogged it can promote infection and cause tissue to form which also affects tears and the formation of eye stains. It may be beneficial to use wipes to temporarily remove guck in the eyes that can promote excessive tearing.  

5. Lastly, shallow eye sockets can promote tears to run out of the eyes and onto the fur of your dog.

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